The Digital Protractor & Beyond: A Look At Protractors

For most people, a protractor is simply a small plastic half circle that they used during a geometry class way back in high school. However, many people use protractors for work and tools such as a digital protractor or electronic protractor ensure that accurate measurements are taken. Here’s an in-depth look at protractors and a few of the handy products that we sell here at Warren Knight.

Protractors, as you probably know, help us measure and draw angles and these angle-measuring tasks are important for construction, surveying and navigation tasks just to name a few. Tools for angle measurement have been around for centuries, but the first official description of a protractor dates back to 1589 when English mathematician Thomas Blundeville mentioned this tool in his Briefe Description of Universal Mappes & Cardes. In this work, the protractor mainly was described as a tool for use in the creation of navigational charts.

These days, there are many different types of protractors, a combination of manual protractors and electronic protractors. At Warren Knight, we sell a wide range of protractors, both those used manually and digital protractors. For instance, our WK-23-1990 Propeller Protractor is a non-electronic protractor that can be used to measure the blade angle of propellers on airplanes. Our propeller protractor is a four-way instrument that measures angles directly between any two planes or a number of planes.

For navigational purposes, we sell two different types of three-arm protractors. These protractors look a bit more complex than a two-arm protractor and this device, not surprisingly invented by a U.S. Navy Captain, allows one to plot ship positions on a map or navigational chart.

Our transparent three-arm protractor makes it easy to see the chart or map underneath the protractor as you plot a course on a map or chart. We also offer a precise three-arm metal protractor with one fixed arm and two movable arms. This protractor includes interchangeable pivot plugs for determining or marking the location of the instrument’s center.

Of course, many of our customers rely on a digital protractor or electronic protractor for their work. These devices feature an instant display for angle, level and tilt, and many of these lightweight tools are battery-powered and can be taken easily wherever you need to go. These can be used for construction tasks, to measure the angle of a saw blade, to ensure that something is level and much more.

Our WK-35-4490 Digital Protractor is lightweight and easy-to-use with a range of plus or minus 45 degrees. A 9-volt battery will power this handheld electronic protractor for about 100 hours. Our WK-35-4445 Electronic protractor includes a digital display and an electronic clinometer. A four-foot cable is included although cable lengths up to 200 feet are available. Our WK-PRO3600 Digital Protractor provides the user with an immediate reading of all angles in a 360-degree range. The design of this protractor makes it easy to use this device with round objects, such as a pipe.

The digital protractor or electronic protractor makes it easier than ever before to measure angles as accurately as possible. If you a digital protractor any type of angle-measuring device take a look at our selection or give us a call today.

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