Boresight Devices: Keeping You Right On Target

The boresight is an essential alignment instrument for everything from a shotgun to larger weapons systems. At Warren Knight, the type of boresight we produce is not for the gun hobbyist but rather for military applications. Here’s a quick look at some of our boresights as well as a few other helpful alignment instruments.

Decoy Launcher Boresight
If you have a decoy launcher system, then you need a decoy launcher boresight. This device checks the “clear to fire” condition of the aforementioned system. These systems are used to defend a ship against any anti-ship missiles that have avoided detection. A few of these systems include the Nulka decoy system and the ALEX system, both of which were designed by Lockheed Martin. For our decoy launcher boresight, we customize this alignment instrument to your calibration specifications.

Fixed Video Boresighting Systems
With any type of weapon, accuracy obviously is important, but under the umbrella of military weapons systems, accuracy is absolutely crucial. Our fixed video boresighting systems were designed specifically weapons systems confidence checking and we have several different options, depending on your needs.

The WK-29-5171-M features a unique design that includes a plunger and pad arrangement that secures the instrument inside bore to allow for completely worry-free operation. Through the use of a video eyepiece, the rugged system allows bore alignment in dynamic environments. This particular system was meant for 76mm diameter boresights and this system is available with custom reticle patterns. We also offer a full line of video eyepieces which can be adapted easily to suit your existing equipment.

Our WK-29-5131-M, designed to facilitate fire control alignment and calibration. Misalignment can occur with many combat system elements and this system allows operators to quickly and easily correct this problem. This system was designed to fit inside a 30mm diameter bore.

If you need a boresighting system specifically designed for a 20 mm bore, we also have the WK-29-5123-M, which allows for rapid and accurate detection of misalignment between a targeting system and the firing axis of the gun. With its high-resolution, low-magnification optical system, this system is ideal for dynamic measurement.

Boresight Telescopes
We have several models of boresight telescopes for your consideration. For instance, the WK-29-8050 Boresight Telescope can be used for boresighting applications as well as table and plane applications. Our WK-29-8200 Boresight Telescope is used specifically to align a 7.62 mm machine in regards to the calibration of commander systems. Our WK-29-5393C Boresight Retention Telescope was designed to confirm the retention of boresight alignment of gun systems during the production process, specifically during dynamic testing.

For more information about our selection of boresights, simply go to the section on our homepage marked “Boresights,” and you find more detailed information about each products. If you don’t see exactly what you need, contact us and discuss your specifications. We usually can provide custom design services for most of our alignment instruments, boresights and other equipment.

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