WK-34-7000 Telemetric Alignment System

The Warren-Knight Telemetric Alignment System is designed to facilitate combat system leveling and other alignment applications by providing a quick and simple method to measure differential angles between two or more planes. The Warren-Knight system shown features sensors—accurate to within ± 10 arc seconds. The sensors are encased in a sturdy aluminum housing each with a precision machined base. The sensor heads have a sturdy precision machined housing with flat base. The collection device features two ports for connecting sensor heads and additional port for connecting an external power supply or connecting directly to a personal computer for data storage. The WK-34-7272-R, a 150 Meter cable, is on a reel with a connector for power supply. The reel features a 10 foot leader to allow for easy installation and operation. The WK-34-7912-R, a Universal Power Supply, connects a device to the WK-34-7272-R cable reel to provide power to the systems. The WK-34-2300, a hand-held collection device, collects data from two remote sensors and processes angular readings. The WK-34-7321-R, a 15 Meter cable, is used for connecting the sensor WK-34-7124-R to the hand-held collection device. The WK-34-7124-R, Sensor A, features a precision machined base. This sensor is connected to the hand held collector device (WK-34-2300) using cable WK-34-7231-R (15 meter cable) ONLY. This sensor is connected to port A of the hand held collection device. The WK-34-7125-R, Sensor B, includes electronics internal to allow signal to travel distances up to 1000 meters (cable required) from the data collection device or the computer. This configuration features a precision machine base. This sensor is connected to the hand held collection device using cable WK-34-7272-R (150 Meter Cable). This sensor is connected to Port B.



Sensor Heads:

Sensor Range: ± 10 Degrees

Limits Error: ± 10 Seconds of Arc

Dimensions: 6″ x 4″ x 4″

Connection Device:

Ext. Power Supply: +12… +48 V DC

Batteries: 250 mW

Output Data: RS 485

Connection Cable: 15 meter standard

length – longer lengths available.

Weight: 15 lbs total system.

Basic system: (2) ± 10-degree sensors capable of being mounted up to 1,000 meters from the central data collection device that are mounted to right-angle plates, and a hand-held collection device.

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