WK-58-8400 Target Centering Kit

Contains each of the items listed below. They’re available to be purchased individually:

  • WK-58-8410 Adjustable Holder (Large Bores): Device holds a target in any bore from 18 in. to 68½ in. in diameter. The target holder is supported by three telescoping legs. Used with the WK-58-8420 Indicator Holder.
  • WK-58-8415 Legs: Three sets of legs are supplied for use in bores of diameters from 16 in. to 23½ in., 23½ in. to 38½ in. and 38½ in. to 68½ in., respectively. Legs for use in bores 65″ to 121″ in diameter are also available.
  • WK-58-8425 Extension Rod: For WK-58-8420 for use on bores of diameters from 67 in. to 121 in.
  • WK-58-8428 Dial Indicator: For use with WK-58-8420 Indicator Holder, reading to .001 in., graduated 0-100, range .250 in.
  • WK-58-8455 Target Centering Device: Micrometer stick with vernier micrometer reading to .001 in. and a V-type adapter on one end. Consists of three sets of each extensions necessary to fit bores from 5 in. to 21½ in. diameter.


  • Specifications:
  • Adjustable Large Bore Holder
  •     -Holds 18″ to 68½” diameter
  • Target Centering Device
  •     -Contains extensions that fit bores from 5″ to 21½” diameter
  • Legs
  •    -Fit in bores 16″ to 68½” in diameter
  •    -Also available to fi t 65″ to 121″
  • Extension Rod
  •    -Fits bores 67″ to 121″ in diameter

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