WK-20-9000 Series Electronic Meteorological Theodolite

The WK-20-9000 Series Electronic Meteorological Theodolite (EMT) features rotary encoders for fast and accurate angle measurement with minimal reading errors. Horizontal and vertical angles can be simultaneously read on large LCD panel display. The Plate Vial has a sensitivity of 40″/2 mm. The Circular Vial has a sensitivity of 8’/2 mm. The Tribrach is detachable.

The EMT uses 4 AA dry batteries (1.5V each) for a 6 Volt power. They have 10 hours (Manganese) and 28 hours (Alkaline) of operating time. Operational temperature is -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F). The clamps and tangent screws are coaxil–clamping and movement by locking endless tangent worm screws on both Axis. Additional lower clamp and slow motion tangent screw all mechanical and horizontal orientation of the instrument. Data storage can be provided using any customer supplied computer with IBM compatible RS-232 Serial Port.

The following are Series Variations of the Electronic Observation Theodolite: The WK-20-9000 Series comes with optical axis incremental encoders and worm drive encoders. The WK-20-9100 Series comes with optical axis incremental encoders. The WK-20-9200 Series comes with a manual back-up with scales and micrometer drums. The WK-20-9300 Series comes with potentiometers on worms and a manual back-up. The WK-20-9400 Series comes with optical axis incremental encoders, operation using internal and external power sources, and LCD heater, a 7 pin connector, and plate vial illumination. An

Observation Theodolite comes included with a waterproof instrument cover, a sunshade, adjusting pins, an Instruction Manual, a durable storage case, and a compass, trough style.

Optional accessories include the Warren- Knight Wide Frame Extension Leg Tripod (WK-19-6850AS), a Haze Filter (P/N 12-280-H), a Solar Shade (P/N 12-284-S), a Magnetic Compass (P/N24-290), a Compass Elevator (P/N 24-290-1), and a Warren-Knight Pibal Timer (WK-22-4850).


  • Specifications:
  • Main Telescope:
  • Magnifi cation: 21x
  • Bent-Axis Type: Tracking
  • Effective Apperature: 40 mm
  • Resolving Power: 4 seconds
  • Field of View: 2 degrees
  • Min. Focus Distance: 50 feet
  • Finder Telescope:
  • Magnifi cation: 4x
  • Bend-Axis Type: Wide Angle
  • Effective Apperature: 15 mm
  • Field of View: 10 degrees
  • Min. Focus Distance: 20 feet
  • Sights: Set of two, one fi xed and one folding
  • Reticle: Spider-web cross hair assembly
  • Illumination: Back-lit display, Crosswires
  • Display: Segmented LCD
  • Measuring Units: 360° (minutes & seconds or decimal), 400 Grads, or 6400.00 Mils

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