WK-20-9600 Series Compact Electronic Theodolite Systems (CEMT)

Designed for fast and accurate recording of azimuth and elevation angles in various types of applications and conditions. The compact design and the rugged construction make this the perfect instrument for first response MET operations. The standard configuration features two segmented LCD display panels for electronic readings. Includes the only electronic scales. Runs on AA battery or external power source. Comes with selectable swing and standard modes, Illumination of Reticule ad external scales by LED or external light source, erect image and compass. Comes with RS-232 Data Output and 2 LCD displays. Features an internal illumination system for low light operating conditions.

  • Specifications:
  • 2 telescopes viewed through the same eyepiece.
  • Electronic Only
  • Accuracy to .1°
  • Resolution to electronic .1°
  • Azimuth 360°

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