Abney Levels & Beyond: A Few Of Our Helpful Leveling Products

At Warren Knight, we design and craft a wide variety of products. These include navigation tools, theodolites, optical tooling, clinometers and plenty of leveling-related equipment. Here are just a few of the products we supply that can handle various leveling tasks.

The Abney Level
Our WK-40-1750 Abney level has been designed to withstand many years of use in all types of rugged environments. No matter where you take our Abney level it is sure to be equal to the challenge. This model features an internally adjustable bubble magnifier which can be focused to the user’s eye and then locked in place, which will eliminate the need for refocusing.

Additionally, our Abney level features four scales which allows the user to acquire four different slope readings, including percent of grade, topographic arc, degrees and chainage correction. Weighing just 10 ounces with a length 6 ½ inches, this Abney level is easy to carry to any location.

Precision Frame Spirit Levels
Our selection of quality precision frame spirit levels is ideal for many applications, including checking and adjusting horizontal and vertical shafts and surfaces. We have several model variations for your consideration. Our WK-34-6114 model is a 4-inch square, the WK-34-6116 model features six-inch sides and the WK-34-6177, our largest model, features sides that measure 7 7/8 inches. Each of these levels includes insulating handles as well as two prismatic sides.

Electronic & Digital Protractors

We have several models of electronic and digital protractors. For instance, the WK-35-4445 Electronic Protractor includes an electronic clinometer and digital display as well as a four-foot cable. You can opt for cable lengths up to 200 feet, however, if needed. In addition, a 9-volt battery powers this handy device, so there’s no need for an external power source.

Our WK-35-4490 Digital Protractor displays level, angle and tilt all in one lightweight, hand-held device. The digital display means you’ll never need to interpret a Vernier scale or bubble. Just like the electronic protractor, this device requires no outside power source and simply runs on a 9-volt battery.

More Leveling Options

If you need a tool that easily measures small angles, geometrical errors or perhaps the flatness of surface plates, the WK Mini Level NT Series might be a good choice. There are three model variations in this series. The smallest includes a 4-inch hardened steel base with dust grooves and a 1”/10” angular inclination. The other two models include a 6-inch base and a .2”/2” angular inclination. However, one of these models features an angular base with v-grooves and the other includes a slotted, screw-on base. All three options include a large LED digital display, precise push-button zero-point adjustment and rugged aluminum housing so that you can use these levels in many different conditions.

The Clinotronic 2000 is yet another option to consider. The Clinotronic 2000 includes many common calibration and leveling functions and allows any level units to be measured. We also feature the Clinotronic Plus, which has a range of plus or minus 45 degrees and a capacity of 0 to 360 degrees using all four bases. This model weighs less than a pound, which makes it easy to transport almost anywhere you might need it.

These are just a few of the many devices that we provide for our customers. For more than 100 years, Warren-Knight has been designing and manufacturing all types of surveying equipment, engineering equipment and scientific instruments. If you need an Abney level, an electronic protractor, a level meter or some other similar piece of equipment, we can offer you the highest quality precision instruments and alignment systems. If you don’t see exactly what you need, give us a call today and we can talk about a custom design that suits your specific needs.

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