The Many Uses For Alidades & Telescopic Alidades

Who doesn’t love an alidade? We sure do, and not only do we sell a high-quality, military-grade telescopic alidade, we also enjoy spreading some information about alidades and the many tasks they help professionals accomplish every day. Surveying Tasks Telescopic alidades have been used by surveyors since the early 19th … Continue reading

Trig Pillars, A Theodolite & Survey Tools: Mapping The World

It may be hard to remember the days before Global Positioning Systems, but this technology only has been available at large for about 20 years. Of course, we’ve been using maps for thousands of years, so tools such as trig pillars, theodolites, survey compasses and more were essential. Here’s a … Continue reading

Measuring Instruments & The Weird World Of Measurement

If you thought measurement and measuring instruments were rather lackluster topics, we implore you to think again. The world of measurement has been anything but dull through the centuries, and there are some interesting facts about measurement that might make you appreciate all the work that goes into creating a … Continue reading

Surveying Tripods: Aluminum, Wood Or Fiberglass Composite?

If you’re in the market for a sturdy, dependable survey tripod or any type of tripod or stand, we’ve got an excellent selection at Warren-Knight. Before you select a tripod, it’s smart to think about which type of material might be the best fit for your needs. Common Tripod Materials … Continue reading

The Electronic Theodolite & Meteorology

If you thought that an electronic theodolite was just a tool for surveyors, think again. The theodolite has helped meteorologists and others predict the weather for more than 100 years.  The History Of Theodolites & Meteorology The theodolite has been around for several hundred years, but until the late 18th … Continue reading