What’s Your Angle? A Digital Protractor Can Figure It Out

Did you hear the one about the trigonometry teacher that got fired because he was always going off on a tangent? Or what about the obtuse angle that was sad because he was never right? Ok, we could tell trig jokes for hours, but let’s get to the point. We’re … Continue reading

Instrument Calibration Services From Warren-Knight

Without instrument calibration, the world could literally fall apart. While that might be a bit of an exaggeration and serious issues might not happen overnight, as time passed and instruments fell farther and farther out of alignment, there would be serious repercussions. Let’s just take one example. In the medical … Continue reading

Measuring Instruments & The Weird World Of Measurement

If you thought measurement and measuring instruments were rather lackluster topics, we implore you to think again. The world of measurement has been anything but dull through the centuries, and there are some interesting facts about measurement that might make you appreciate all the work that goes into creating a … Continue reading

Alignment Technology

Alignment technology has become so accurate, portable, efficient, and interactive, that the number of applications in which calibration and leveling tasks can be done quickly or in real time has exploded, with the potential for enormous benefits, including saving lives. Missions: monitor dams for bulges, distortions monitor old bridges for warping, failures … Continue reading