Military-Grade Binoculars & Other Binocular Types

While a cool pair of military-grade binoculars might be a fun addition to your hunting or survival gear, if you want quality binoculars, military-type binoculars aren’t necessarily the only option to consider. In fact, understanding a bit about these optical instruments can help you determine which type is truly the … Continue reading

The Jacob Staff: More Than A Compass’s Best Friend

Ah, the versatile Jacob staff. At first glance, it appears to be a simple staff, but from a historical point of view the Jacob staff has been a handy tool for surveying and navigation. It’s actually kind of a little wonder of trigonometry, which is one of our favorite subjects … Continue reading

The Many Uses For Alidades & Telescopic Alidades

Who doesn’t love an alidade? We sure do, and not only do we sell a high-quality, military-grade telescopic alidade, we also enjoy spreading some information about alidades and the many tasks they help professionals accomplish every day. Surveying Tasks Telescopic alidades have been used by surveyors since the early 19th … Continue reading