Off-The-Shelf & Custom Adapters & Video Eyepieces

Eypieces, Adapters, Counterweights, Illuminators:

Available for a wide variety of makes and models of Leica/Wild, Kern, K&E, Brunson, etc.

  • WK-31-1112 LED Illuminator for Wild T2 Circle and Auto Collimation Eyepiece (replaces mirrors)
  • WK-51-4700 Auto Collimation Eyepiece
  • WK-51-4700-RA Right Angle Auto Collimation Eyepiece
  • WK-51-4800 Erecting Eyepiece for Old Style N3 Precision Level
  • WK-58-1900 Series Short Focus Adapters
  • WK-58-1909 Short Focus Lens Adapter for T3000/TM5100A
  • WK-58-2100 Optical Micrometer
  • WK-58-2400 T2 Counterweight for Optical Micrometer
  • Wild Replacement Level Vials for T2 Theodolite & N3 Precision Levels
  •  WK-31-2702 Coincidence Telescope Level Vial
  • WK-51-4712 Auto Collimation Eyepiece w/ Illumination for Sokkia Theodolites
  • WK-58-1906/8 Short Focus Adapter Range Set: includes 13” – 21” (WK-58-1906) and 21” – 62” (WK-58-1908)
  • WK-58-2410 Kern DKM2 Counterweight for use with K&E and Brunson Micrometers
  • WK-58-2420 Counterweight & Adapter



Video Eyepieces:

Available for all theodolites, precision levels, alignment telescopes and total stations in analog or digital formats.

WK-96-1300 Series Eyepieces – Digital or Analog:

  • K&E 71-2022 & 71-2062
  • Brunson C47280 Alignment Scopes
  • Rank-Taylor Hobson Alignment Telescopes
  • Nikon Metrology
  • Davidson Optronics


WK-96-8500 Series Eyepieces – Digital or Analog: 

  • Kern E2 & E20 Theodolties
  • Zeiss ETH2 Theodolites


WK-32-3000 Series Eyepieces – Digital or Analog:

  • WK-49-4205 Precision Auto Levels
  • Brunson 545
  • K&E 71-3010


WK-96-8540 Series Eyepieces – Digital or Analog:

  • Wild T2000/T3000/TM5100A/TDM5005/TDA5005 Theodolites


WK-96-2000 Series Eyepieces – Digital or Analog:

  • Wild T2
  • Wild T3
  • Kern DKM2
  • Kern DKM3
  • Rank-Taylor Hobson/Hilger-Watts ST-200
  • Sokkia DT Series
  • Sokkia CX Series
  • Topcon ET Series
  • Topcon DT Series
  • Nikon Theodolites
  • Geodiometer Instruments
  • Trimble Instruments


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