WK-20-8403 Pilot Balloon Theodolite

The Warren-Knight WK-20-8403 theodolite is designed to observe and measure angles of elevation and azimuth of pilot/weather balloons, aircraft, ships or other moving objects to distances of 20,000 meters or more under conditions of good visibility.

The 90° elbow telescope design combines a 21x main telescope with a wide angle 4x telescope, viewed through one horizontal eyepiece. Permits superior tracking capability even when objects pass overhead. Measurement up to 20,000 meters

The micrometer drums are offered in various resolutions, 6 arc minutes, 72 arc seconds and 36 arc seconds, to fit your application. The instrument is a light weight portable self-contained theodolite– weighing only 19 lbs. 10 oz.

Movement of both the elevation and azimuth scales is by positive micrometer worm drive. A removeable battery case holds 2 flashlight cells for night illumination of scales and reticle. Permanently attached compass enables orientation by magnetic compass.

The Theodolite can be provided without the magnetic compass (WK-20-8400).

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