WK-20-9500 Series Electronic Mechanical Meteorological Theodolite (EMMT)

The Warren-Knight Electronic Mechanical Meteorological Theodolite has angles that can be read using the segmented LCD panels or by using the optical mechanical scales which can be viewed through the eyepiece. All data can be transferred to a computer or Nomad PDA via RS-232 data ports.

The standard configuration of the WK-20-9500 Series Theodolite include the primary display panels– located directly below the eyepiece as well as on the opposite side of the instrument.

Unnecessary power drain is prevented by the automatic power down feature. Features an internal illumination system for low light operating conditions to include a mirror to illuminate the internal optic scales using any external light source. Equipped with electronic and mechanical scales. The mechanical system operates independently of the electronic system, and will remain operational in the event of power loss.


  • Accuracy to 0.1°
  • Resolution to 0.1° on LCD and 0.05° on optical scale
  • 360° azimuth
  • Elevation of -15° to 195° (total range: 210°)
  • Two selectable telescopes viewed through the same eyepiece; bent axis (right-angle)
  • Main telescope is 21x w/ minimum focus of 60m
  • Finder telescope is 4x w/ minimum focus of 8m
  • Thread is 5/8 x 11”
  • Plate level vial is 60 arc seconds
  • Circular vial is 8 are minutes
  • Power source is (4) on board “AA” batteries; alkaline, lithium, or rechargeable can be used; external power sources include optional battery pack or customer-supplied power source
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