WK-23-2052 Drum Clinometer

The WK-23-2052 Drum Clinometer is similar to WK-23-2054, but has a range of -10° to 0° to 90°. Total Range: 100°. It fits easily into small storage and operational space. It is used worldwide by aircraft manufacturers, maintenance facilities, and aerospace services. Supplied with a durable plastic carrying case.


  • WK-23-2052 Micrometer Drum Clinometer: 1 min. (res.), 1 min.(accuracy)
  • WK-23-2152 Micrometer Drum Clinometer: 30 sec. (res.), 30 sec. (accuracy)
  • WK-23-2252 Micrometer Drum Clinometer: 20 sec (res.),  20 sec. (accuracy).


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