WK-23-2054 Drum Clinometer

Drum Clinometer, WK-23-2054, is a rugged precision instrument for measuring or determining tilt and is designed for long life and easy handling. Angles are read directly to one minute and to 15 seconds by interpolation. This clinometer is graduated from 0° to 180° to 0° with negative numbers descending in red and positive numbers ascending in black.

The Warren-Knight Micrometer Drum Clinometer WK-23-2054 features two hardened and ground base plates. The lower 6″ plate is suitable for use on shafts, propellors, wing surfaces, machine tools, test tables, production fixtures, and more. This adjustable base permits reading angles from zero, even when working from surfaces not perfectly horizontal.The lower base plate and the compensating screw may be removed permitting the fixed base to be used in contact with the working or reference surface.

When used in this manner, the Clinometer is adjusted to the fixed base. The graduations will read 0° and the level vial will center only when the base is truly horizontal. This permits the Clinometer to be clamped to a tiltable surface with all angles read directly from the horizontal. All working parts are effectively enclosed in a dust-tight case– assuring abrasion-free contact between the accurate ground arc and worm. The micrometer drum worm shaft is spring-loaded to elinimate backlash.

The lower 6″ x 1½” base provides, in addition to flat pads, a shallow V with clearance cut and center relief. Overall height of the clinometer is 5 15/16″. Complete with instructions and sturdy storage case.


  • WK-23-2054 Drum Clinometer: 1 min. (res.), 1 min.(accuracy)
  • WK-23-2154 Drum Clinometer: 30 sec. (res.), 30 sec. (accuracy)
  • WK-23-2254 Drum Clinometer: 20 sec (res.),  20 sec. (accuracy)
  • WK-23-2954 Drum Clinometer: 1 min. 30 sec. (res.), 1 min. 30 sec.(accuracy)


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