WK-29-5123-M 20mm Video Boresight System

The Warren-Knight WK-29-5123M digital video boresight alignment system is designed to allow for the fast and easy testing of combat sighting element. The boresight has a high resolution, low magnification optical system, making it ideal for dynamic measurement.

A compact, right angle telescope is calibrated to be concentric with mechanical axis of the boresight. A digital camera transmits the sight line element being calibrated. This transmitted image can be used to visually check misalignment between actual pointing line of the gun and the calculated target line as determined by the weapons targeting system.

The WK-5123M is designed specifically to fit inside of a 20 mm diameter bore. The boresight features an expanding mandrel insert that is easily secured inside the bore of the gun to ensure maximum surface contact and boresight accuracy.

The Warren-Knight video boresight alignment system requires minimal routine maintenance.  After each use, use a soft cloth to wide the instrument body down.  Wipe mandrel and exposed metal parts down with light film of oil to prevent rust.

The WK-29-5123M digital video boresight alignment system is provided with a durable storage case with foam inserts. The case is designed to hold the digital video boresight alignment scope, the handle/restraint assembly and the boresight interface cable. The system should be stored at a controlled room temperature between 5 and 25°C and a relative humidity of 65 ± 15%.

The Warren-Knight boresight alignment system is designed to operate on PC systems having Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP4)/XP(SP2) and USB 2 enhanced capability.

Camera assembly: contains a high-resolution, digital camera. The camera is compatible with USB 2 enhanced digital format.

Boresight bracket assembly: used to attach the boresight telescope to the mandrel assembly.

Intermediate body assembly: houses optics. Contains a reticule that is focused at the factory using the camera and then locked to prevent tampering that could result in reticule appearing out of focus.

Expanding mandrel assembly: precision machined tapered mandrel sleeve fits over a tapered mandrel arbor. By moving the sleeve on the arbor the sleeve expands or compresses allowing the mandrel assembly to be locked and unlocked in the bore.

This system is designed to allow for fast and accurate detection of misalignment between the targeting system and the firing axis of the gun!


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