WK-33-5100 Wireless Link Boresight Assembly

The WK-33-5100 wireless link boresight assembly is designed to allow for fast and easy connection of WK-29-5100 series boresight alignment systems and other Warren-Knight analog camera instrument systems to their respective monitors for remote monitoring using wireless RF transmission.

This compact system uses a transmitter model WK-33-5100-TX connected to the Boresight or Instrument, and a Receiver Model Number WK-33-5100-RX connected to a Monitor. The transmitted image is used to visually check alignment between the actual pointing-line of the barrel or object being aligned and the calculated target line as determined by the engineering or targeting systems with out having long wires running along the deck.

The Wireless Link Boresight Assembly Transmitter with onboard flexible whip antenna transmits at 900 mHz at 200 millawatts. The transmitter and has an onboard rechargeable battery power source and a magnetic base which will attach to many size barrels. The wireless link boresight assembly receiver with onboard flexible whip antenna is supplied with an AC power supply. The monitor interface cable supplied with each boresight instrument system is used to attach the monitor to the wireless accessory receiver.All analog WK-29-5100 series boresight alignment systems use as the basis for their systems a WK-29-5100M series boresight camera assembly with an analog internal camera. The boresight camera assembly can be mounted to a permanent mandrel or fixture, or used on various sized mandrels as the optic scope and camera system are the same but modified to permit many different bore diameters from 5mm to 200mm and sometimes larger.

The boresight wireless accessory should be stored in clean climate controlled room at a temperature between 5° and 25° C and a relative humidity of 65 ± 15%.

The WK-33-5100 wireless assembly is provided with a durable plastic case with cushioned inserts. The case is designed to hold the wireless accessory transmitter charger (p/n-33-5100-TC1), receiver (p/n-33-5100-RP1) and power supply, the 3-meter boresight interface cable (p/n-15-715-3BC) and the auxiliary safety strap. Components: transmitter operating frequency: 900 mHz (nominal).

Transmitter charger: 100-240 VAC, 0.4A. Transmitter operation period: 8 hrs. on fully charged battery. Receiver operating frequency: 900 mHz. Receiver power supply: 100-240 VAC, 0.3A. Wattage: 200 millawatts.


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