WK Binocular System: Binoculars, Carriage, Base

WK-39-2100 Binocular Assembly: A magnification of 20 power. Provided with eye guards. Each focusing knob is provided with a diopter scale that is graduated from -3 to +1 diopters in ½ inch diopter increments. Interpupillary distance of the eyepieces is controlled by an inter-ovular handle that is adjustable from 56 to 74 millimeters. An increase density control is provided to adjust the polarized light filters. Purge valves and an adjustable brow pad are provided for operator stability.

WK-39-2000 Carriage Assembly: Provides smooth and easy movement of the binocular in elevation and azimuth. The elevation control will allow for 70° of rotation, 10° depression to 60° of elevation. A graduated circle, in 1° intervals, is mounted to permit reading the azimuth on a required line of sight. Also provided, is a manually operated mechanism with locking device, which will adjust the height of the binocular through a range of 8 inches.

WK-39-2200 Pedestal (Base) Assembly: This assembly is used when mounting the ship binocular to the deck.


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